over xir

Excellent designer. Xir helped us a lot! ‘With the start of our internet shop in 2005 we needed several logo’s and graphic design for our site, for example a logo and design for Hippekinderkleding.nl, Hippestlady.com & Shopdelicious.nl. In an refreshing way, she designed these logo’s for us and advised us in creating an beautiful site. The design of Hippekinderkleding.nl was totally hers, and not ever seen on the internet before. Of great value was her design when we came to the point to integrate all the shops in one big new webshop. Therefore we needed a new design which was fresh but so identifiable that our customers would recognize their ‘old shop’ immedia-tely. She did a fantastic job by designing a new logo for Hippest.nl which was very recognizable and strong enough to have Hippest.nl registered as a ‘brand’. People who know how difficult it is, registering a word from spoken language, know that that her design had to be excellent and very strong to come to such a registration. Thanks for all the good work.’ {Hippest.nl, maart 2007}

Inmiddels is de tentoonstelling niet meer… jammer genoeg.
‘Als ik de foto’s zie ben trots op wat we uiteindelijk samen hebben gerealiseerd. Wat dat betreft vond ik het een hele goede samenwerking en vulden we elkaar – althans zo heb ik het beleefd – goed aan. Jouw puntjes op de ‘i’ hebben uiteindelijk wel geleidt tot een heel mooi evenwichtig resultaat. Heel veel succes met je projecten en tot gauw!’
{Het Jenevermuseum Schiedam, oktober 2009}

Xir kan met weinig woorden snel iets groots maken.
‘Ze begrijpt je meteen en heeft dan verschillende mogelijkheden/voorstellen waar je uit kan kiezen. Erg makkelijk en precies dat wat je bedoelt, maar zelf niet had kunnen verzinnen. We hebben nu een waanzinnig logo dat precies bij ons bedrijf past.’
{Dancelife, januari 2010}

Circe proofed to have very innovative ideas
‘It is my pleasure to write this reference for Circe Penningdevries. In my position as Director of Education at The Holland Historical Trust, Holland, MI, I supervised Circe when she was a team member within the education department. She was responsible for developing, compiling, writing and implementing an education project for elementary schools. She did an excellent job in this position and was an asset to the organization. Circe proofed to have very innovative ideas, excellent people skills and great verbal and written communication skills. She was inspiring to many people and brought her attention to detail in every step of the project. She was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with her colleagues, project team members, community members and other professional organizations. Circe would be an asset to any employer and I can highly recommend her for the opportunity that you have available.
{Eltine DeYoung-Peterse, Independent Museum Consultant}